The Anti-Diet System

Escape the land of fad diets and eating rules

Heal your relationship with food and yourself

This is NOT a diet!

Find Food Freedom

Diets steal your body confidence.

They make you overthink all your eating decisions and doubt yourself.

Diets trap you between a rock and a hard place; the food rules that become all consuming create more anxiety, increasing the likelihood you will comfort eat.

Your self esteem bottoms out, you become more concerned with what other people think of you and you end up hating your body.

You can’t DO what should be so simple!

It’s time to break free from this diet mentality and create a healthy, stress-free relationship with food.

The Anti Diet System (ADS) is a 12 week group programme based upon my 3 pillars of transformation….

I find it heart breaking to hear about the emotional harm diets have caused. And I’ve  been there too.

So many thoughts about eating, not eating, wanting to eat, can’t eat; taking up way too much head space and energy. Feeling disgusting, wondering why the hell you can’t stick to anything. Feeling a complete failure, unworthy and lost.

Enough is enough. It’s time to find yourself again. And yes it’s totally possible”

Mel Wakeman


What diets don’t do is tackle your food mindset. In fact they damage it, which is why you always end up back where you started or even worse off.

The ADS helps you understand and challenge your beliefs so you can let go of the habits that don’t serve you.

Eating Behaviours

Understand what and why you eat the way you do; why only chocolate will do, the roles of hormones, stress and tiredness and why you sometimes just can’t stop eating.

Learn how to nourish your body and find peace with your food choices, knowing they are right for you.

Body Image

You can’t transform your relationship with food if you remain hung up on your body.

Develop self kindness and body respect so that you support your body rather than undermine it. Tackle your inner bully and find health and happiness in your own skin.


Diets cause harm

  • Do you know that dieters are at greater risk of health problems compared to someone who doesn’t?
  • Dieting messes with your metabolism and screws with your head. And in the long term, they actually make you gain weight. Your risk of developing type ll diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers increases.
  • If you’re serious about protecting your long term health, weight loss through dieting is NOT the answer. But it IS possible to find
  • healthy and happiness without taking that all too familiar path.
  • The Anti Diet-System will enable you to reclaim your headspace and find your best self!

What exactly is included in The Anti-Diet System Programme?

  • 12 modules that run over 12 weeks to transform your relationship with food
  • Flexibility with structure
  • The Anti Diet-System workbook containing your assignments to guide you through the programme
  • Weekly video lessons that land in your inbox
  • Continuous access to Mel Wakeman
  • An accountability buddy each week
  • Small groups only
  • Weekly online group coaching
  • Work with other like minded women on the ADS journey

MODULE 1 Creating the anti-diet mindset

MODULE 2 Shifting from mindless to mindful

MODULE 3 Tapping into your hunger and fulness 

MODULE 4 Hitting the satisfaction button

MODULE 5 Challenge the food police!

MODULE 6 Building your emotional muscles

MODULE 7 Find happiness in your own skin

MODULE 8 Body image. Accepting the whole you

MODULE 9 Finding joyful movement

MODULE 10 Nourishment through gentle nutrition

MODULE 11 Protective maintenance and achieving balance

MODULE 12 Your lifetime anti-diet toolkit

The Anti-Diet System will teach you to:

  • Stress less with food
  • Silence that inner bully
  • Stop feeling frustrated and disappointed with yourself
  • Understand your body’s blueprint and weight set point
  • Respect your body’s emotional needs
  • Develop an effective self care practice
  • Find a weight at which you feel healthy and happy
  • Stop hoping and DO IT!
  • Feel confident you are eating exactly what your body needs
  • Stop hating your body
  • Discover ways of moving without dread
  • Feel healthier and happier from within
  • Model a healthier relationship with food for your family
  • Create your own personalised anti-diet toolkit

You’ve already tried everything, how is the Anti-Diet System different? 

It’s a non-restrictive eating approach based upon the principles of intuitive eating. You learn to work with your body (it’s not about rules, control and willpower), rather than against it. Because the ‘can’t have’ approach to food that diets promote, triggers greater want and the likelihood of having a ‘blow out’.

ADS has been developed by and is led by registered nutritionist, Mel Wakeman. It is based on weight and nutrition science, eating psychology, over 23 years of professional experience and 30 years of lived experience.

The ADS brings a unique perspective to building your food knowledge whilst transforming your emotional experiences around food and your body. All the things that diets don’t do!

You will be guided through a wonderful 12 week journey of exploration and discovery, with help and support at every stage. If you encounter barriers along the way, you are helped and given the tools to enable you to overcome them and keep you moving forward.

The focus is on connection and support. Join The ADS community where you get direct access to Mel Wakeman plus the opportunity to work with others on the same Anti-Diet System path. 

Limited spaces are available because there is no one-size fits all approach. ADS is not like any ‘group slimming club’ you have attended before! It’s safe. There is no judgement, shame or criticism. You get ongoing support from your accountability buddy and the group inspire you to take action. 

You will never have to return to dieting again because ADS IS sustainable. It WILL protect and improve your long term health and happiness.

Who is this programme for?

The Anti-Diet System has been created for women who….

  • Feel out of control with their eating
  • Believe they have no willpower
  • Feel trapped in a nightmare body
  • Are ready to focus on themselves
  • Recognise they need help and prefer real-time support every step of the way
  • Find an extra nudge and accountability helps to keep focused
  • Are open to connecting with others on the same journey
  • Have tried intuitive eating before but had difficulty actually doing it!

My Approach & Philosophy

I am a Registered Anti-Diet Nutritionist

This means I don’t ‘do’ diets. I don’t do them myself (not any more that is) and I don’t recommend them.

Because they cause more harm than good

So what does not dieting really mean?

It means no weighing; no weighing your body or weighing out portions and snacks.

It means no counting of Calories, points or syns

It means letting go of food rules and vilification of carbs, sugar and anything else we are told is ‘bad’

A non-dieter like me welcomes all foods into a balanced diet. Instead of trying to control your body, the focus instead is listening to your body  and learning to trust it again. This means you get to connect with your body so you can manage emotional eating, boost body image and self confidence.

Find out more about Mel’s background and story here


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